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(But Your Chronic Illness Does)

Congratulations! You or your loved one has been diagnosed with a Chronic Illness. Now what? I wish chronic illness was just an optional diagnosis on your WebMD search, which ultimately turned out to be a paper cut.  No, this is not what you had in mind when you envisioned your life, but you need to know this, it's not the end. This illness sucks, but God does not.

Let me show you why.

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After finding out she had an auto-immune condition that required a full re-start of her life, author, Britt Walker, sought answers through her faith. She was generally a good person who worked as an advocate for abused children for goodness sake! Didn’t that mean something to the Big Guy? How does she mentally and physically walk through this? Where was God and how does she still trust Him? Why does He allow bad things to happen? This book is her year-long quest to find those answers with brutal honesty, a bit of humor,

and a large dose of sarcasm.
In #GodDoesntSuck (But Your Chronic Illness Does)

you will learn how to:

  • Give yourself a stinking break and practical tips for self-care.

  • Equip yourself with tools to fight sadness and worries while you warrior through this illness.

  • Respond non-violently when someone tells you “everything happens for a reason.”

  • Get the support you need and have better relationships with your friends and family.

  • Most importantly, see that God Doesn’t Suck, and this illness is just an open invitation to start over and even do it better, if you let it.

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One year anniversary of my diagnosis. Th


I guess in a book about chronic illness, you jump right in. There is no plot twist like, and then she got sick, and everyone is like, "NOOO." It would be even weirder if I were just writing this book about what I think it may feel like to be diagnosed with a chronic illness. That is just brazy (brazen and crazy). I wrote this book for a few reasons. First, because I felt like God was telling me to. Yep, the Big Man. I am not an "open book" (pun intended) kind of a girl. I don't really like people to know my deep struggles, so writing about them for, let's be honest, my family and the friends they bribed to read it, was not my first impression of a fun time. But my ego got a jump on me, and I started envisioning a book with my picture on the back cover and first-class plane trips to speak at conferences with my new besties, Beth Moore and Rachel Hollis. Yep, I go big or go home. But as I wrote this book, I realized I wrote it for me: for my heart. So I could make sense of this all. So I could understand all the gobbledy-goop in my brain. So I could read the truth. Having a chronic illness can suck, but it is even suckier when you blame God for it, or cannot understand the nature of God in spite of it. I wrote this book because I needed so many answers when I got diagnosed, and I mostly got the sympathetic head nods of not-sick people telling me, "everything happens for a reason." I am glad to say I never once throat punched a person for saying that. I am basically a saint. 

I often found myself wandering in the dark, trying to find my way out, by myself, while sick and anxious. Super fun way to travel! I needed a guide. I needed someone to tell me the truth and then tell it to me again and again. I needed to hold onto it physically. So here it is. That thing. The truth, written in a book about what I have learned on this journey so far. I wrote it in small sections because let's be honest, brain fog is real, and when I need to grasp a principle to heart, I can only take small doses. Also, this book is geared toward women. Men are absolutely permitted and encouraged to read this book, the principles and truths are not gender-specific, but of the over 26 million Americans living and coping with an autoimmune disease, more than 75 percent of them are women.* Plus, I am a woman, so I get the struggle on a personal level. Also, you will get an extra helping of sarcasm, because it’s basically my love language. 

This is a book about my journey to finding truths amid so many lies. My hope for this book is that it helps ease your mind. I desperately pray it will bring health to your bones. But most of all, I hope this brings you closer to the one person who is so brazy about you: God. May you find all you need in Him.

Your fellow sojourner and friend: Britt


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Peace is a possibility, but only if we cast off all the things we cannot carry on our own. God will do this. You will win. Because what once hindered you, is only a part of this beautiful story you will get to tell. I hope I get to hear it. Go find your peace, Warrior Friend. You know the way.

-#GodDoesntSuck (But Your Chronic Illness Does)

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Author, Britt Walker, is a wife, mom, attorney and entrepreneur of her Orlando, Florida based interior decorating company, Enapay Designs. She has assisted in the creation of non-profits and child advocacy programs, and loves to sit at home watching re-runs of the Office with her husband, Josh. To find out more about Britt and why God Doesn't Suck, feel free to email her and look her up by clicking the icons or on Instagram



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