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The Disease of the World Isn't Covid-19

What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks does she think she is talking about? Does she live under a bridge? Did child birth knock something loose? Well, to answer these questions, no I don't live under a bridge, but would love to live under a waterfall, does that count??? And yes, something was knocked loose after child birth 10 days ago. As an empath, I had felt it in the air swirling around me for days. But it wasn't until a conversation with the hubs that I was able to truly articulate it. The disease of the world is not Covid-19, but FEAR. Most of us will not become infected with Covid-19, but whether you are in quarantine, like me, with two children, or feel insecurity in your job or finances, or lost your job all together, or are a front line responder, we have all been infected by the FEAR virus.

Also, as a side note, those quarantined without children: what does binge watching "Tiger King" feel like? Are you really laid out on your couch in a silk robe with a margarita in your hand, like my brain tells me you are? Have you engaged in the activity the kids are calling naps? Please tell me something, anything! Actually, don't, then my post-pregnancy hormones may try to virtually throat punch you. Much love and self-care, though.

The FEAR virus for me bit hard after I was informed of the mandatory quarantine. As I had just given birth, I was going to be in a state of quarantine anyway since it is pretty frowned upon to have your newborn at the mall or Disney. But I just wanted to have the option of being a bad parent. I wanted to feel in control, and since control was taken from me, FEAR was the only thing left to take its place.

Oh, yes I did just write a book about the goodness of God and how to overcome your fears with trust, but my brain only remembered these things, and my heart wanted to reject them outright, because, well, this sickness was different. Chronic illness is something I knew, but Covid-19 was unknown, and if there is a people group who typically go to outright rejection of the new and unknown, it is typically the churched and religious. My sincere apologies to God and mankind. But this virus is not a new entity that requires new tools to battle. It all goes back to trust.

  • Trust that "whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty."

  • Trust that God "will save [me] from the deadly pestilence."

  • Trust He "will cover [me] with His feathers, and under His wings [I] will find refuge"

  • Trust that I do not have to "fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the [virus] that destroys at midday."

  • Trust that though "a thousand may fall at [my] side, ten thousand at [my] right hand, it will not come near [me]."

  • Because if I trust in the refuge of God as a good father who loves me, "no harm will overtake [me] or no disaster will come near [my home]. He truly will send angels to guard and protect me" (Psalm 91:1-14 NIV).

What if we started to actually believe the actual words of the God who loves us and says in Psalm 91:15-16 (NIV): “I will rescue [them]; I will protect [them], for [they] acknowledge my name. [They] will call on me, and I will answer [them]; I will be with [them] in trouble, I will deliver [them] and honor [them]. With long life I will satisfy [them] and show [them] my salvation."

These are not just lofty words promised for "superhero, perfect people and Christians" these are the promises of a Father who just wants His children to be at peace and He will do anything to help them get there. This is for you and me.

Guard your thoughts against the FEAR virus. When it knocks, say "I give this to you God," and when it knocks again, do it again. When the lies and the media seem too loud, go back to quoting Psalm 91, better yet, print it out and post it on your door. Or listen on repeat to this version of Psalm 91 by Shane and Shane

We will get through this healthier and with a sounder mind, with the FEAR virus soundly defeated. All we have to do is trust and repeat.

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